Consulting & Prototyping

We can help you to exercise maximum influence of your project that will help to reduce development cost.

In business, we always pay attention to the competition, right? By giving yourself an online marketplace that will rival any industry competitor, you’re putting your company in a position to turn heads and increase awareness. These factors will always lure clients, and in doing so, increase your market share.

Business needs change with very little notice and any platform adopted by an organization must be able to quickly adapt. Our Service-Oriented Architecture will help you deliver the quality of service that your clients have grown to expect. We will ensure that all of your needs are met, so you can do the same for your clients.

Microsoft Techologies

We have overall 14+ years of experience in Microsoft Technologies.

There's no question that IT platforms need to be flexible and easily modified to meet the ever-changing needs of clients and the modern business model. Our Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will take the various application components and streamline them, creating a coordinated system that will increase efficiency and allow for growth. We, at Stance, utilize our SOA services to help you meet any alteration or change to the industry landscape quickly and effectively. Through a centrally located policy registry, we will help define policy, manage lifecycle specifications and provisions. The end result will allow you to apply policy preferences to client applications in any web capacity necessary.

Mobile Development

The Information Age is in full swing, and smartphones are having a huge impact on the way people process information. High-speed communication is a must, and Stance believes that keeping in touch with the growing media market can augment business opportunities. By adapting to trends involving iPhones and various tablets, you can ensure that your company remains cutting edge.

Revenue streams change regularly. Those with the foresight to predict coming changes and adapt quickly will benefit substantially. Security is very important when sharing information through mobile devices, which is why Stance places the highest priority on maintaining the privacy and security of your applications. Online interfaces are incredible, but they’ve also been done before. By utilizing the emerging mobile-device market, you can deliver products and services like no one has before.

Our mobile application design process will always take the device limitations into account. There’s no point in creating an incredible app that will only bog down a user’s device. Instead, we consider every parameter necessary to ensure that all applications run smoothly and securely. In the end, the user is what’s important and your company will reap the benefits.

Cloud Services

We are helping businesses to embrace their agility, with the scale and availability by using the cloud as a basis to derive new insights, unlock new opportunities, and build new models for creating engaging, meaningful and richer customer experiences.